A Great Place to Learn

When you do any course at IT Sligo, you are in a state of the art learning facility. Surrounded by innovation and academic expertise, thousands of students are on campus every year at all times of year just to help improve their level of knowledge and skill in a range of different subjects. Native Speaker is located right in the heart of the campus in the Innovation Centre.
If your English needs to improve so that you can swim further up the academic river, Native Speaker is ideally located to help you get there.

The Collaborative Process

By working together in collaboration, you will accelerate the learning process - without a doubt.
If you have to explain something to someone else, then that information goes to a part of your brain that stores it in a part of your memory that last for a long time and is easy to access.

That's why we encourage team work and group study. It WILL make you better, faster, smarter.
You'll make more friends and improve your performance. IT Sligo offers so many great places to sit and talk, study, discuss and collaborate.

It is a GREAT place to be!

A New Circle of Friends

One of the most important things that happens to someone when they come to study at Native Speaker in IT Sligo is they develop a new circle of friends. It never ceases to amaze us how many of the students go on to have their class-mates at their weddings later in life. Some have travelled to other countries together, many have started businesses together and there have even been a number who have ended up together!

When you study with someone, it's a close bonding relationship and it's a great way to make truly lasting friendships.

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